Guía BPM (gestión de procesos de negocio): Cómo Acelerar la Transformación Digital

¿Qué es la gestión de procesos de negocio (BPM)? ¿Cómo puedo saber si se adapta a mis necesidades? ¿Por dónde empiezo? ¡Dé respuesta a estas preguntas y muchas más con nuestra Guía BPM!

Guía BPM para la Transformación Digital

Business Process Management Gives the Competitive Edge

Business process management or BPM is considered a holistic process of management. It looks at all areas of a business structure and works to make the various areas perform at their optimum levels while complimenting each other. The goal of BPM for any business is to help a business run more smoothly and to give it a competitive edge. The ultimate goal of the method is customer satisfaction and profit. The process allows a company to be in tune with customer needs. As an organization continues to develop and grow, the model allows the user to keep a close eye on the processes of an organization. Businesses that want to stay competitive must utilize the various software that is available. Old models of business performance have been replaced by software.

BPM (Business Process Management) software is a set of applications that automate, execute and monitor how business processes are conducted from beginning to end. BPM software is moving business away from the traditional workflow management model by connecting people to people, applications to applications and people to applications. The rise of BPM in the financial sector and other industries is a response to the need for more agility and operational performance on the part of individuals and technology. BPM software is slowly taking the place of workflow management and enterprise application integration due to their limits to connect people with each other or with applications. BPM software is giving businesses a competitive edge by allowing their organization to rapidly solve problems and respond to changing market environments, consumer trends, and regulatory demands. And they are doing it faster than their competitors.