Business Process Model Notation, the BPMN standard:

Provides businesses with the capability of understanding their internal business procedures in a graphical format. BPM modeling notation gives organizations the ability to communicate these procedures in a standard manner.


Una actividad es cualquier trabajo que se desarrolle dentro de un proceso. En un modelo de procesos de negocio, una actividad se representa con un rectángulo de esquinas redondeadas. Hay dos tipos de tareas de actividades y subprocesos.


Annotations can be used to add textual comments within a process diagram.


Artifacts allow process designers to extend the basic BPMN notation to include additional information about the process in the process diagram. There are three types of artifacts: data object, group, and annotation


An Association is used to show relationships between data, text and other Artifacts and flow objects in a process. An Association is represented by a dotted line with a lined arrowhead in a Business Process Model.

Diagrama de procesos de negocio (BPD)

Un diagrama de procesos de negocio es un diagrama simple hecho de un conjunto de elementos gráficos que representa un proceso de negocio. Hay cuatro elementos primarios en un BPD: objetos de flujo, objetos conectores, carriles y artefactos.

Business Process Model

BPMN defines a Business Process Model as a network of graphical objects, which are activities, and the flow controls that define their order of performance.

Business Process Modeling Notation

Business Process Modeling Notation was developed by the Business Process Management Institute to provide a process modeling notation that is understood by all process modelers, users, analysts, etc.

Connecting Objects

Flow Objects are connected together using Connecting Objects. There are three types of Connecting Objects: Sequence Flow, Message Flow, and Association.

Data Object

Data Objects are used to show how data is required or produced by activities in a process. Data Objects are represented by a picture of a piece of paper folded at the corner in a Business Process Model.


Los eventos son cualquier cosa que «ocurre» durante el desarrollo de un proceso de negocio. Los eventos pueden tener una causa, llamada «detonante», y/o un efecto, llamado «resultado». Los eventos se desarrollan en varios puntos del proceso de flujo (comienzo, mitad o final).

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