Problema empresarial

We are a multinational developer and manufacturer of innovative medical technologies with multiple locations where key decision makers are based. The need to access and have visibility to capital expenditures is key and our current process requires shipping documents that require approval site to site.

Process Players

  • Key financial decision makers

Process Steps

In order to accomplish a streamlined approval system, we needed an automated process. We decided to adopt a BPM platform to link key pieces of information housed in multiple places together, and send that to the appropriate decision makers in a specific order. With multiple locations, many of our executives traveled and required expense approvals on the go, so we used the BPM platform to develop a mobile application allowing them to kick off the workflow from a mobile device.

Process Benefits

Integrar una aplicación móvil y optimizar el flujo de trabajo para la aprobación de gastos de capital nos ha permitido recortar días del proceso de aprobación. También nos ha ofrecido una visibilidad fundamental de la parte del proceso en la que se encuentran los documentos.

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