Problema empresarial

As a large truck rental company our fleet of vehicles is our most important asset. In order to be as efficient as possible with our existing trucks, we needed a more optimized way to track where a truck is, when it’s being checked back in so we can turn it around to another customer, as well as if there have been any claims filed against the vehicle.

Actores del proceso

  • Customer facing employees
  • Mechanics
  • Claims specialists
  • Finance department

Pasos del proceso

With a BPM platform, we’ve created a workflow that starts at check in and follows a vehicle all the way to invoicing. We have a unified view to see when the transaction began at check out, house any claims that were filed, check the vehicle back in and send the transaction through invoicing.

Beneficios del proceso

Este nuevo proceso nos permite mover los camiones de manera rápida y eficiente, a la vez que garantizamos la calidad. Si hay alguna reclamación, el tiempo que tardamos en procesarla y reparar el vehículo se ha reducido drásticamente, lo que nos permite dar servicio a más clientes.

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