Defense Acquisition University

Como centro de formación del Departamento de Defensa (DoD) para la capacitación en adquisición, la Universidad de Adquisiciones de Defensa (DAU) ofrece cursos de obligatorios, específicos y de educación continua para el personal militar y civil de las operaciones de adquisición. La misión de la DAU es ofrecer formación profesional y servicios para permitir a los equipos de Adquisición, Tecnología y Logística (AT&L) del DoD tomar decisiones empresariales inteligentes y ofrecer capacidades necesarias y los recursos a las tropas. El personal de AT&L incluye a más de 126 000 profesionales del Departamento del Ejército, de la Fuerza Aérea y la Agencia de Defensa en 13 áreas profesionales de adquisición, tecnología y logística.

Problema empresarial

DAU sought an improved IT solution for managing purchase and training requests. It required a web-based, simple-to-use system that would be essentially transparent to personnel making requests, with features like single sign-on through integration into the DAU’s Active Directory service. It also required that the system be easy to administer, with flexible reporting capabilities to automate the manual work done by finance and buyer personnel to track spending.

La solución de Appian

By leveraging Appian for its Micro-Purchase Management System, the DAU now provides a web-based environment to enforce processes and increase efficiency, reliability, and visibility. The Micro-Purchase Management System processes hundreds of requisitions and ensures that business rules and approvals are met in every instance. The system reduces requisition processing time, utilizes web forms to eliminate repetitive data entry, delivers reports that can be used to identify process bottlenecks, and enables the generation of other reports providing DAU management with vital data and statistics about micro-purchase training requisition trends. Perhaps most importantly, the consistency of reporting that Appian delivers is a huge benefit, ensuring that reporting data is accurate, which enables less time and effort on data validation and cleansing, and more focus on strategic business issues.