Grupo Target LTD

Target Group ofrece soluciones de externalización de software y procesos de negocio al sector de servicios financieros para préstamos, hipotecas, ahorros, inversiones y seguros. El 25 % de los 20 principales bancos del mundo usan el software y los servicios de Target para administrar sus carteras de préstamos e inversiones.

Problema empresarial

Target’s engagement model is through business consultancy based on extensive industry knowledge of regulated marketplaces, technology and process IP that delivers added value to its clients. Effectively managing the Target customer experience and lifecycle is crucial to the business. Target Group needed a single platform on which to manage front-end and back-office operations related to customer service and the customer experience. In addition, Target’s institutional customers often require expert guidance and systems to manage their own end-customer experience.

La solución de Appian

Target Group has used Appian internally as a CRM solution to optimize customer service and manage the end-to-end customer journey. All front-end and back-office customer operations run on Appian. This includes in their contact centres (to run through the data protection questions at the start of a customer call, look up the relevant client account, handle call notes, and more), and as the system for complaints management and resolution. All of this is managed through Appian’s unique Records capability for enterprise data management. The result is a single and unified view of the customer across all interactions and channels.

Appian benefits for Target Group include:

  • + de 400.000 interacciones con el cliente gestionadas
  • >80% reduction in processing time